Facts Behind LASIK Surgery

A lasik surgery procedure can be performed in people over 21, who have good eye health and their overall health is decent. Their vision should not have deteriorated significantly in two or three years prior to the intervention. Choosing the right lasik surgery clinic is paramount when getting this type of procedure. This is because lasik is only as good as the doctor performing the procedure.

Usually, LASIK is not recommended for those who have the following eye problems:

Keratoconus (disease causing macular degeneration leading to thinning of the cornea, thus causing a shape change);
Cataracts (clouding of the lens of the eye);
Glaucoma (elevated intraocular pressure resulting in optic nerve damage and loss of vision); and
Herpetic ocular infection

Lasik Surgery in Singapore is also not suitable for people with other diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus; or those who are receiving medical treatment with oral steroids. Not all surgeons have experience with LASIK. Your doctor or optician may recommend a LASIK surgeon in your area but you should still ask some questions to make sure they are well qualified and have the necessary experience.

How long does the intervention take?
How many LASIK procedures do they perform each month?
What are the results of eye specialist singapore? (Be sure to ask about your personal results, along with the results of the clinic)
What percentage of their patients can perform daily tasks without glasses or contact lenses after LASIK?
What percentage of patients suffered complications after the procedure?
Where are their results compared with the national average?

It is important that you do not wear contact lenses when you go see the doctor because your evaluation precludes accurate measurement of eyewear. Contact lenses temporarily change the shape of the eye surface. Soft contact lenses should be removed at least 24 hours before the consultation and hard lenses at least a week before. The consultation involved various issues being discussed, including the reasons why you want to proceed with eye surgery and the expected results. Usually, people with little or moderate refractive error can expect very good results, but it is possible that people with worse vision still need glasses for some activities.

The doctor will also need to inquire about your current or past eye problems such as infections or injuries as well as about your general health. Getting lasik singapore is a great idea if you perform due diligence. Never pay too much for services, but never let money be the sole factor in choosing a doctor.